regrets, I have a few….

One is that I didn’t stay in touch with a tutor of mine from my days at Winchester School of art. I spoke about him today and remembered this from an obituary last year….

Bill Wright on being an artist-
When pressed about what makes a good artist Bill unhesitatingly says: ‘a good artist is always a culturally engaged person. An intelligent person who has a deep understanding about materials but who knows that practice is never just a matter of technique. Such an artist takes risks and is prepared to “unlearn’ the bag of influences we all carry after leaving Art School. This artist perseveres- at all costs. He/she continues to work and doesn’t get seduced by the current market’. For Bill, art is the history of great individuals who are prepared to fully engage their world in their own unique way.

note to self.. when someone pops into my head or comes up in conversation follow the thought with a contact….

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