‘where’s the sun gone, asks Barbie’  fibre tip pen on paper, 100cm x 150cm

Barbie can’t settle, she keeps moving around, restless, unlike her public persona, of Miss Purrfect, outfits for roles, and a ‘boyfriend’ with a fixed enigmatic grin,who obviously ‘wax’s’.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind men waxing.



‘association in the yard’  fibre tip pen on paper, 100cm x 70.4cm

It’s a sunny afternoon, about 3.00pm, some men are sitting and chatting, others are walking about. They are wearing similar outfits, which suits an anonymity that some would prefer.

‘step ladder’  fibre tip pen on wallpaper

2 Responses to drawings

  1. Hi
    I saw you and your painting on Show Me the Monet and simply wanted to say that I thought your painting was great and was really pleased the committee did too!

  2. Eye wandered down the page, as if over a beach with interesting stones to look more closely at. Stopped at fourth down, more definite outlines with unspoken relationships to each other. Read blurb before glancing at title (pale letters, less obvious) and thought about anonymous men. Who? City bankers? Production line workers? Yes, probably bankers on the banks [of the Thames] herding loosely together, practising little power games. Then read title which tapped me with the recall of your prison work. Still think it could be bankers. Says it all.

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